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wondering if we can actually deliver results?
check out these before & afters from people just like you!
Roberta Lost 40lbs!
Melanie Lost 20lbs!
Barbara Lost 18lbs!
Faye Lost 10lbs!
Lost 15lbs!
CJ Lost 20lbs!
Ethel Lost 25lbs!
Lost 8% Body Fat!
Hillary Lost 20lbs!
are you struggling with one of the following issues?
“I just want my confidence back.”
“I want to feel welcome somewhere.”
“I want to feel like I belong.”
“People say homophobic comments about me at the gym.”
“I feel awkward or intimidated when I walk into a gym.”
“I don’t feel like I belong anywhere.”
“I’m uncomfortable taking my shirt off.”
“I don’t want to get injured or I don’t want to reinjure myself.”
“I want to feel better.”
“I want a place I can be myself.”
“I’ve done research but there’s so much information out there I don’t know what to do.”
“I want myself back.”
“I’ve tried everything and I still don’t see results.”
“I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.”
“I hate what I see in the mirror.”
“I feel awkward or intimidated when I walk into a gym.”
“I spend so much time taking care of others so I don’t take care of myself.”
“I don’t enjoy working out.”
“I don’t want to get injured or I don’t want to reinjure myself.”
“I don’t like myself.”
“I don’t like being social because of my body/confidence.”
does any of this sound familiar?
are you goals any these?
“I want to lose weight; I feel huge.”
“I want some muscle tone, but I don’t want to get big.”
“I just want to tone up.”
“I want to lose belly fat.”
“I want to be able to wear my clothes again.”
“I feel like I have to hide my body.”
“I want to build muscle, but I don’t want to be too big.”
“I want to be lean and fit.”
“I want to lose belly fat.”
“I want a bigger chest and arms.”
“I would love to see abs but I don’t think I can achieve that.”
“I want to be confident enough to take my shirt off.”
“I want to be stronger.”
these are all real goals from real clients we have worked with just like you!
check out this testimonial from our client!
Meet Your Trainer!
Karie Hamilton
Hey Friend!

Have you been trying to workout on your own...but it's not actually working out?

Have you been searching for the right gym or trainer for you but you're not quite sure where to start or who to trust?

If you've landed on this page, it's not just by chance...

You may have even been looking for something like this for a long time...

Let us introduce ourselves...

I'm Karie!

And I'm the owner of The Fitness Girl, Toronto's #1 Weight Loss Transformation Program for Women Over 30!

We provide a safe space for people just like you to feel welcome, unjudged and a place for you to get the best fitness coaching in town!

I bet you're curious if this program is right for you, huh?

Cool, no problem. Keep reading :)

We're confident after you see what we have to offer and what we are all about, you'll be excited and ready to come try us out!

want to know what you get when you work with us?
check this out...
  • First Two Sessions For $40 Bucks! Yup, no B.S. After your initial consultation you get to your first two sessions with us at a deep discount!
  • FREE Body Fat Testing! Yes, we also give you a height, weight, body fat percentage, and composition analysis!
  • ​​1-On-1 Coaching Session! First you will get a FREE private phone coaching session!
  • ​​​1-On-1 Nutrition Consultation!
what you get as a member of TFG!
  • ​​Affordable Programs: When you hire a trainer you will often spend a fortune. With us, we have built a system that works for all people at an affordable cost!
  • ​Unlimited Sessions:​ When you train with us you get to come to as many sessions as you want!
  • Well-Rounded Training: We make sure to focus on every important component of fitness including: proper warm-ups, strength, core, endurance, mobility, cool-downs and mindset!
  • ​​Periodized Workouts: We designed every single workout weeks in advance and plan them in specific phases to help you break through plateaus!
  • ​​​Personalized Nutrition: No program will be successful without a personally designed nutrition plan which we give to EVERY client!
  • Supplement Advice: We will teach you which supplements are worthwhile and which are bogus. You'll also get an approved supplement list!
  • Progress Tracking: We make sure every client has updated progress pictures, tape measurements, weight, and body fat testing updated each month to ensure you are seeing results!
  • Accountability Check-Ins: We have a series of accountability systems to help you stay on track with your goals throughout the week including: text messages, phone calls, and a client handbook!
we're conveniently located near you!
Meet Your Trainer!
What we have done for our clients:
  • Over decades of combined experience we've...
  • Helped THOUSANDS of people JUST LIKE YOU...
  • Provided EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT workouts...
  • Taught our clients how to train SAFELY...
  • Taught them PROPER TECHNIQUE...
  • Given them SUPPORT from our COMMUNITY and coaches...
  • Helped them build lasting FRIENDSHIPS...
  • Had FUN in all of our classes...
  • And helped them to actually ACHIEVE their fitness goals and sustain them!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What's The Catch? Being completely honest, there is no catch, no gimmicks, no strings. We want to earn your business!
  • How long are the sessions? Sessions are 30 minutes each include the following: (warm-up, HIIT training, cool-down and mobility).
  • What if I have an injury? No worries! So long as your doctor has approved you for exercise, our trainers are experts who are well educated in how to help people with all manner of injuries! We have worked with countless injuries over the years and we work with injuries more often than not.
  • What if I'm scared to start? Look, we TOTALLY understand your concerns. starting off on a new fitness journey is often intimidating or worrisome, but don't worry, we are professionals who have been doing this kind of thing for years. We will help you all along the way to make sure you have all the support and accountability you need and that your individual needs are also met.
  • What if I'm just scared to commit? Again, we understand where you are coming from. When you want to accomplish something big there is always the fear of committing to it. Remember that anything that comes easy or requires little to not commitment doesn't last. Making the commitment to nurture and take care of yourself is of utmost importance. Making a the commitment to yourself to start (and consistently maintain) your new fitness lifestyle is what will make the difference for you. And you have us to help you all along the way.
so why pick us over other gyms or bootcamps?
Reason #4:
Workouts Designed To Blast Past Plateaus!
If you have tried working out on your own, or you have hired a trainer in the past and didn't have a great experience, it's most likely because you stopped seeing results!

Our workouts are specifically designed by our experienced trainers to help you prevent and overcome plateaus with your results!
Our workouts are designed to increase metabolism, lean muscle and fat burning!

Our workouts will take you through every essential component of fitness to ensure you get the absolute best results possible!

Our workouts will take you through proper warm-ups, strength, core, endurance, cool-downs, mobility, and stretching!
Reason #3:
Proprietary Nutritional Program!
With our combined decades of professional personal training experience, we have designed a nutrition program that is unparalleled!

Your nutrition will be personally customized to your specific calories, macros, and food preferences AND most importantly, this is not a crash diet, this is a long-term, sustainable, healthy approach to nutrition oriented around lifestyle change!

You will also get loads of nutrition articles and recipes from us every week to help keep your food fun, tasty, and enjoyable!
We give nutrition variety that other programs simply can't!
Reason #2:
Real Support From Real People
Let's face it, the thing holding you back from seeing results and maintaining them is NOT information. That is readily available all over the internet.

The primary reason you are not seeing results is you do not have a structure and network of like-minded people to help hold you accountable and provide you with support!
Accountability and support are EXACTLY what you will get when you train with us!

We'll be checking in with you A LOT! You'll also have 24/7 access to our private Facebook community and unlimited text and email support from us, your coaches, and our amazing community of clients just like you!
The #1 Reason Why...
Our Loving Community!
It has been recognized by EVERYONE that our community is unlike any other gym in the area!
Our coaches, our clients, referrals and other people who just stop in to try us out for a workout have ALL said unanimously that OUR COMMUNITY is "the #1 thing they love about The Fitness Girl!"
How many times have you been to gyms or fitness classes where half the participants were wearing headphones? Or where no one spoke to each other? Or Where people bunched up in small groups pushing new people to the outside? Or a gym with cliques, gossip, and exclusivity?
We pride ourselves on our fun, safe, and welcoming community, life is a team sport and to be surrounded by supportive like minds is essential for success!
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