Learn How To Avoid The Failure Cycle & Discover Your Personal Fitness Success Plan 

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If You Knew Exactly What You Steps You Needed To Take, Starting Today, To Reach Your Goals?

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5 Steps To Creating Your Fitness Success Plan:

Whether you were directed here from one of our successful clients or you discovered one of our case studies... I'm grateful to have you here with me today.

My name is Dianne Villano  and I have been helping   busy, professional men and women over 35  reclaim their energy levels , reduce pain and create confident bodies for 20 years. 


I want you to know that improving your health and fitness is 100% your decision... And it's much simpler than you think.

In order to attain success in any area of your life, you need to have a proven plan and strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes I see busy men and women over 35  make is starting a workout or diet without creating a Personal Fitness Success Plan first. 

Would you agree that having a road map to follow would greatly improve and almost guarantee your chances of accomplishing your goals?

I want to invite you to join me for a Fitness Break Through session ($450 value) where I'll personally create a customized road map of the exact steps you need to take to finally learn how to eat more, train less and fit fitness into your busy lifestyle.

This is what you can expect during our time together:

Building momentum and motivation and giving you the tools that last

Once We Have The Foundation, We'll Focus On 3 Things...

It All Starts With The Plan

Cultvating Evergy and teaching you how to eat smarter not less

It's Really That Simple...

With abundant energy and nutrition, you'll be able to eliminate that bloated feeling tap into your own bodies fat stores.

With a stronger body, you'll feel decades younger and your muscles will look and feel tone.

 And once you've built momentum, reaching your goals becomes easy!

Strengthening and shaping your body & muscles with movement and teacing you how to train smarter not more

If you're 100% serious about attaining optimal health and fitness and reclaiming your body, then claim your Fitness Success Discovery Session today.

Let's make your first step the right step!


  • Previous Fitness programs – experiences & outcomes 
  • Goals and previous challenges in reaching them previously 
  • Evaluation of current exercise program (if any) 
  • Evaluation of food intake relating to your fitness goals 
  • Expectations and concerns 


  • Overhead Squat Test (for functional movement)
  • Fitness Evaluation
  • Strength of core muscle groups 
  • Muscle imbalances 
  • Kinetic Chain dysfunction
  • Resting heart rate

What We'll  Cover During Your Success Session: