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Testimonials - Personal Trainer Toronto - Fitness Expert

See How Women Just Like You Are Dropping Pounds Fast With Our Belly Blast Program!

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quotationmarkKarie is an awesome trainer. She takes the time to assess your needs and goals. She breaks down your fitness goals into smaller achievable targets. She always mixes up the training sessions, introducing new exercises and activities to keep you motivated. Karie also gets to know her clients on a more personal level, which helps her, understand the challenges her clients face in reaching their fitness goals. She is concerned about her client’s progress and continually adds value by doing the little extras (such as stretching exercises, Thai massages, personal programs when traveling etc).

I’ve used at least 3 fitness trainers in the past and Karie is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to add spice to their routine or make a drastic change to their fitness level. She is by far the most sincere and caring person…. and trainer.”

-Kim Spencer, Toronto

I lost 20 Lbs in weeks not months!

quotationmarkI joined Karie’s program during a difficult time in my life. I was going through a devastating divorce and felt my self-esteem slowly slipping away, while the pounds packed on. The past couple of weeks have been a blast and I lost 20 lbs in weeks not months. I’m healthier and girls are taking notice of me! I’ll never be that guy again.”




–Andy Da Silva, Toronto



quotationmarkI met Karie during an extremely busy time in my life. I could never really find the time to get to the gym and most times, whenever I made an appointment, I was either late or I was so tired from my day that I just wanted to lay there and not do anything. Karie was always extremely supportive and never judged me or made me feel bad if I was late. She understood my crazy job and she always made herself available whenever I needed her. I worked hard and it often hurt the next day, but it was worth it 100%. Karie is the best by far – I will never have another personal trainer again!”

–Jennifer Harrison, Toronto


9 Lbs in 3.5 weeks!

quotationmarkThis was my first experience with a personal trainer. Based on my very limited knowledge, I can honestly say it was very positive and well worth my time and money. I also really appreciated the time and scheduling flexibility my Karie offered me. I know that my schedule is constantly changing and hard for some people to work with. I will be finishing my 8th session, with a 9-pound weight loss, and I’m getting more sessions. It ‘s such an amazing feeling when you see results. Thanks Karie.”

–Paola Cabellero, Toronto


“I lost 15 Lbs of body fat in just 9 short weeks!”

quotationmarkI started to achieve the results right away, the combination of cardio, resistance, and challenging workouts all together helped to tone my body and shed pounds.

After just the first 3 weeks I could already see a difference when I tried on a dress that hadn’t fit in six months and it fit like a glove!I’m feeling fantastic even my anxiety dropped.

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Alishah D.


“I Just Don’t Feel Right If I Don’t Come To Class…




quotationmarkKarie is always willing to answer ANY and ALL questions related to all aspects, including nutrition, etc. She never shows or indicates that time is pressed during session. She is 100% committed to you and only you. She is willing to accommodate changes in training times. Karie is the sole reason why I will continue to use her services. She’s incredibly motivating and makes me want to exercise every day.”

–Yolanda Rodriguez, Toronto


You gave me the workout boost I needed!

quotationmarkI am so glad to be working with you. I have noticed results within me since you and I have been working together…. in more ways than one! You continue to inspire me! Thanks too for thinking of me in my pursuit of happiness.”

–Patrick Less, Toronto

“I lost 30 pounds in 18 weeks!”

quotationmarkI started training with Karie in August. I wanted to lose 30lbs by January and I was determined. I know now that I never would have been able to stick with it if it wasn’t for her.

I’ve had peaks and plateaus but Karie constantly changed my workouts and in doing so kept it interesting and challenging.

After losing 30lbs, I’ve found that exercise is now a part of my life and mostly a part of who I am, which is the biggest reward.

I live a healthier, more active lifestyle and I have more confidence than I’ve ever had in my life. I feel like a different person.”


–Kathryn R. Toronto

15.4 pounds of cheeseburgers and

Cheetos gone after only 12 weeks!

quotationmarkI stepped on a scale for the first time in several years, and was very surprised to see the reading 201.7 pounds of double bacon cheeseburgers and countless family sized bags of Cheetos.

The last three months, with Karie have been a blast! Thirty minutes twice a week and I’m definitely seeing results. The last reading on the scale was 186.3 pounds that’s 15.4 pounds of fat gone from my body!

The most surprising thing that I have learned is that I can like myself again. Señorita Karie-Ann, you are my hero and I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. Am I a success story? Maybe not just yet but I am well on my way.”

–Eduardo Gutierrez, Toronto

I lost 15 Lbs of ugly fat AND Got my confidence back!

quotationmarkBecause of the 3-In-1 Fast Fat Loss Bootcamp I lost 15 lbs in weeks! I feel much stronger and overall I can do more dynamic exercises that I never thought I’d be able to do.

I’m more atheletic and ready to tackle rugby season without any fear of injury”


–Marc Godin, Toronto

I Haven’t Sweated So Much, In My Whole Life!