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Toronto Personal Trainer - About Us- Toronto Personal Trainer- Weight Loss Specialist
About Me

Karie Hamilton, Toronto’s Fat Loss Queen

Hi, my name is Karie Hamilton, Toronto’s Fat Loss Queen. I’m a 43 year old fitness junkie and helping women lose weight is my crack.

Why Should You Hire To Me?

Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe you shouldn’t. But if you’re –busy, smart, time-starved woman, who is really good at what you do, yet struggles to get a handle of her weight and body image issues, than I know I can help get you over that bridge.

Here’s The Whole Truth.

I live an amazing life! No joke. I get paid to be ME. How completely awesome is that? I have fantastic clients who I adore “working” with. I say “working” in quotations, because it never feels like work. I come from a pretty incredible family. I know it’s going to sound totally corny, but my Mom and Dad are da bomb! And if you ever get the chance to meet them, it’s pretty clear off the bat why. And everyday before I hop out of bed, I thank the big OG upstairs everyday for blessing me with awesomeness.

The Messy “It’s Complicated” Version…

My life wasn’t always so charmed. I’m going to do something a little different right now and pull back the velvet curtain and show you what happens backstage. So what follows is all the messy, I’d much rather you hear it from me directly, than on some gossip station! That would suck. I don’t know how celebrities manage to live with so much scrutiny everyday. You can’t pick a wedgie without it making front page news! Anyways back to the good stuff…

  • First of all, I’m honest to a fault. To anyone that knows me personally, my honesty is straight up, no ice-cubes. I shoot straight from the hip. I don’t hide much and if I do, it’s usually because I’m trying to protect the other person more than my own self-preservation.
  • I have ADD, although it’s never been diagnosed. And I’m pretty sure it’s because I can’t hold my attention long enough to look up my Dr.’s telephone number without having to go online check Facebook, then make a call to find out if my dry cleaning is ready before the cleaning lady gets here so I can open the door for her…I should really just give her a key. Wait, let me put that in my to do list so that I remember to cut her a key the next time she comes. My Iphone just froze. Let me go online to see if I can find a way to speed up the memory. What was I suppose to be doing again? SEE WHAT I MEAN!! If I’m not dedicating myself to ONLY one thing at a time, I’m as worthless as a cheap hooker on a Tuesday night (it’s not suppose to make sense, it’s the ADD talking.)
  • I really have absolutely no concept of time, not in the sense that I’m always late. Actually I’m super punctual, I don’t like wasting people’s time and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people take advantage of mine. What I mean is I’m stuck mentally in a time warp. If you were to ask me how old I am, my first answer is 31, although I’m already 43, maybe 33. I’m so bad at conceptualizing time, I got my birth year tattooed on the back of my neck to make sure I’d never forget it again. Everything, including but not limited to walking happened to me last week.
  • I hate math and math hates me. I’m so bad at math it’s comical. Blaise Pascal, the dude who invented the calculator is my guru. I worship the ground he walked on. Seriously!
  • I’m ridiculously happy. Not in the giddy want to poke-me-in-the-eye happy. Like the truly zen like, centered happy. Not a lot in the world gets my lace thong in a bunch. (You didn’t believe the lace…or thong either huh?)
  • I was born with a bullshit filter. It’s pretty amazing when I think about it. I smell, fear and detest bullshit in any form. Sales people call me daily trying to get me to buy something. And the first thing they do is try to sell me on all the bells and whistles. I don’t know about you but I work with people. People who have feelings, intelligence, depth and scope. NOBODY has ever hired me because I have three certifications -of which I do.
  • This is my third time to bat, and yes I’m using a baseball analogy. I’ve been doing this personal training thing for the better part of two decades, while either still working full-time, or part-time in the corporate world. Call it God’s will, or “The Universe” sticking it’s horseshoe up my butt, but each time I’ve done the 9-5 thing, I’ve been fired. Yup, all three times. So I figured why keep fighting it. I’m just not cut out for the office environment. (One of my aforementioned employers, actually said those words to me as I was handed yet another pink slip.)
  • Do any of you remember Ally McBeal? Okay right, so I LOVED that show. Apart from being damn funny, the dancing baby was my absolute favourite. Sometimes my dancing baby comes out, and in a big way. I’ve been known to break out into sheer dancing joy to the beat in my head in the middle of a boot camp class, while all the girls are wiping the sweat out of their eyeballs.

Despite all my joie de vivre, I’ve been blessed enough to be able to do what I love, when I want, how I want and still enjoy a spectacular life. I am also able to choseAMAZING CLIENTS (I’m grateful that they want to work with me at all given the depth of my crazyness . . . I love working with them), and everyday I only choose to do the stuff that I absolutely love to do with all 206 bones in my body.

How I Found My Purpose Or How My Purpose Found Me…TWICE!

Unlike, some people who just “know” what they are meant to do for the rest of their natural born lives, I on the other hand dabbled unsuccessfully in life. I was that kid that was just happy to have a job that didn’t pay crap. I was a stock room girl for a retail company for years, in a dungeon no less. I’d slave away for eight long agonizing hours a day and despised every solitary minute of it.

What follows is a series of questionable years where I worked doing all kinds of things that I HATED! Some that might even be considered illegal, okay straight up illegal. Sorry Mom & Dad.

That is until I woke up one day and literally had a dumbbell hit me in the head. TWICE!! True story. I was moonlighting at a big box gym and walked behind someone who was doing overhead shoulder presses and BOOM, there it came, the ten pound iron hammer straight for my left eye. I still have nightmares about it. The second time, happened about three years later when a was moving from a crummy apartment and had forgotten that a set of three pound dumbbells lived on the top shelf of the closet. Right then and there I stopped fighting my inner jock.

Waving The White Flag Of Surrender.

I remember years ago feeling just down and out. I was unhappy and chubby. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t depressed or anything like that, I just felt like “Is This As Good As It Gets?” Call it inspired thought or chance but my unhappiness brought me face to face with the smallest giant I’d ever met. Born and raised in the mountains of Northern Thailand, in the early 1960s, Ajahn Suchart taught me everything I needed to know about life through the Art of the Eight Limbs.

My Ajaah (Master) taught me very early on in my Muay Thai training that in order to not just survive, but to thrive you must lead with heart. I understood that in fighting terms, but when I really started to internalize that one little sentence and apply it to my life BIG things started to happen for me!

I finally got fired from a job that was sucking the very life force out of me, I had to move in with my then girlfriend’s parents because I couldn’t pay my portion of the rent, and  I had to sell my most prized possession, my motorcycle. Basically, I just stopped fighting everything which incidentally enough was pretty funny because that’s when I got my first amateur fight. Anyways, the amazing thing was when everything around me started to go cosmetically altered triple C cup up, it forced me to start asking: “What The F?” ALOT!

I quit smoking after 14 years, saved money and got out of student loan debts, starting taking better care of my health and myself…essentially I grew up. And the great thing is, I haven’t stopped!

If it weren’t for that one faithful day kicking a heavy bag while my shins were black and blue and hearing Ajaahn say “fight with heart”, I’m pretty sure I’d be living a very different life. So thank you Ajahn, for being the light at the end of my long dark tunnel.


In amazing health,


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