Tell A Friend!

Tell a friend!

At The Fitness Girl we really appreciate our clients, customers, and friends.  That’s why we developed the Refer-A-Friend Program.  Each time someone you refer signs up for a fitness program you will receive a FREE gift.Our business is built on quality service, the most effective fitness programs, and word of mouth referrals. Your positive comments go along way in helping us grow.  So anytime you think someone might be interested in starting a fitness program, or you think they might benefit from some of the great FREE resources we offer, please give us a call.As you probably are already aware, we do not use a high-pressure sales approach at all.  Actually, we don’t even use much of a sales approach.  We like to show people how we can help them and if they like what they see they may sign up at any time.  So please know that you can feel comfortable referring your friends to us and we will do whatever we can to help them meet their health and fitness goals.

Below is our referral listing sheet.  Please list the names of people you know who may be interested in starting a fitness program and/or would benefit from receiving a FREE subscription to our monthly newsletter.  As soon as someone you refer signs up for a fitness program we will send you the gift of your choice!

Instructions: Please fill out with names of people you think may be interested in starting a fitness program or would benefit from receiving some of our great FREE resources. Remember, we will never give them a “hard-sell”.  We will simply send them a copy of our monthly newsletter for them to review with compliments from you.  Also know that their information is just as safe as yours.  We never release anyone’s information without their prior consent.

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