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Unconventional King West Toronto Personal Trainer dispels myths about losing fat fast and leaves a trail of so-called “experts” scratching their heads.

Attention women across the King West Toronto area who want to lose fat in HALF the time with DOUBLE the results…

“The 5 Problems Most People Have With King West Personal Trainers… Solved!”

Problem #1:

• Many King West and Toronto area personal trainers are just off the street folks looking to make a few bucks. How many times have you seen buffed up body building personal trainers just looking in the mirror and scribbling on their clipboard while their client works out with horrible form?

There are tons of weekend and internet certifications that people can take and claim to know what they are doing. This is harmful for clients and also gives personal training a bad rap. Designing programs, motivating people, and creating safe and fun training sessions are all things that take years of studying, research, and in the trenches experience. Don’t settle for anything less!

Problem #2:

• Most personal trainers spend too much time talking and trying to be your buddy.
Proper training sessions do require adequate rest time to refresh the nervous system, but this needs to be monitored. Trainers should develop relationships with their clients but should not become therapists. The point of the training hour is to get a ton of work done to ultimately burn fat, build lean muscle, and get fit.

Problem #3:

• Many personal training programs in King West do not progress properly. How much fun is it to perform the same exercises day in and day out? It’s pretty boring…as well as being pretty ineffective. Workout progressions are required to continue pushing the threshold of the nervous system and muscular system. There needs to be a system and not just writing a workout 10 minutes before a session. Repetitions, tempos, and circuits should all change from workout to workout and after a few weeks the entire workout should change. Many trainers are not educated enough to integrate this system, and some are just flat out lazy!

Problem #4:

• Personal Trainers give bad nutrition advice. How many times have you heard trainers telling clients to load up on protein shakes? Cut carbs? Workout on an empty stomach?

Most clients are looking for fat loss and will do anything to get the results. The goal is to develop healthy lifestyle changes, not create quick weight loss options that will not last. People need to get nutrients from real food as much as possible, with liquid replacements used as just that…replacements!

Cutting carbohydrates is a popular option but in order to lose fat and gain that lean muscle you need to cut the proper carbohydrates…refined sugars and starches.

Working out on an empty stomach will definitely dip into your fat reserves but what does it do for your energy? You need some food in your system in order to achieve a high level during your workouts.

Problem #5:

• Personal trainers in King West and surrounding Toronto areas just flat out do not care about their clients. Each person is treated like the next with no regard for individual differences, injuries, training history, or motivation levels. Even when training in groups people should be shown individual attention and respect. This little touch will help to motivate people to keep coming back, to lose more weight, drop more body fat, and get in rockin’ shape!

The Solution:

The Fitness Girl Personal Training is committed to the individual needs of our clients. We focus on ultimate fat loss, lean muscle gain, overall health, and getting the best workout of your life.

Myself, and my team are Certified Specialist with Distinction in Nutrition, and have many years of experience working with clients and groups of all levels, and has the knowledge and personal experience to transform your body and help you take charge of your lifestyle.

We focus on achieving results through:

Effective Exercise – Our Toronto personal trainers ensure that you are performing the most effective workouts for your fitness goals, whether burning fat, dropping pounds, or simply toning up your body. We make sure that you aren’t doing the same exercises over and over, and that when working out you use correct form so you don’t injure yourself or slow down your progress.

Healthy Diet – Without eating healthy foods your body is unable to reach its maximum fitness potential, and you can hinder your own progress. You may be thin and live on junk food, but there’s a huge potential for those poor food choices to catch up with you in the form of disease and illness. To help out with this aspect our Queen West personal trainers will provide you with tasty and fresh meal plans and suggestions that incorporate veggies, fruits and other foods that naturally increase metabolism and energy into your daily diet.

Pushing You – Our King West personal trainers will hold you accountable for missing training sessions, encourage you to push yourself to your full fitness potential, and positively remind you of your ideal body image and health goals.
Sound like something you might be interested in?

Keep in mind that King West, The Fitness Girl personal trainers cannot accept just anyone. Due to high demand, only those who are truly committed to improving their life, health, and self image through personal fitness training and change are accepted.

If you live in a condominium in the King West area and would like to learn more about our cutting edge personal training programs…

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